Bio-Filler Gel

Bio-Filler  Gel

Juvéderm is the most well-known dermal filler in Canada due to its effect, safety and lasting results. Juvéderm dermal filler is made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It is allergy free, and suitable for all skin types.


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Hyaluronic Acid exists in the skin tissue and help to hydrate and add volume. It softens wrinkles and lines (such as the nasolabial folds) and gently enhances lips, cheeks, chin and jaw lines.

Juvéderm injection is one of the latest growing non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the world.

Juvéderm is FDA approved to last up to one year.

Those we use in Elegance cosmetic and laser clinic contain a small amount of local anaesthetic and make the injection uniquely gentle procedure, while other fillers can be more painful.

It can lessen or correct wrinkles and lines around mouth and nose, enhance lips or define lip borders, improve the look of scurs, lift eyebrow, fill out nose, cheeks, jawlines and tear trough.


Types of Juvéderm:

  • Juvéderm voluma (for large-scale injections and facial volume)
  • Juvéderm Ultra 3 and 4 + volbella (for lips enhancement and nose job)
  • Juvéderm Ultra plus
  • Juvéderm volift (for deep wrinkles)

Juvéderm as a booster for making collagen and elastin.




  1. Is it suitable for deep wrinkles?

Yes, Juvéderm is ideal for deeper wrinkles.


  1. Is Juvéderm long lasting?

Yes, it also lasts a bit longer because of unique formation.

  1. Does Juvéderm have FDA approval?

Yes, Juvéderm has FDA approval and Canada health approval too.


  1. Is Juvéderm injection painful?

 Because it has a small amount of local anaesthetic it is not painful.


  1. what are the possible side effects?

Juvéderm dermal fillers are generally well tolerated. Possible side effects are mild to moderate and lasts less than 7 days.


  1. Do I need a allergy test?

No allergy test is required with Juvéderm.


  1. How long does Juvéderm injection usually take?

The process is quick and easy and may differ from 15-40 minutes due to area treated.