Toe Fungi


Fungal nail infections are typically caused by a kind of fungi called dermatophytes. Nail fungi usually grows in warm and humid environments.

The symptoms are: thickened or distorted nails, brittle or ragged nails, dull and discolored nails, nails with yellow streaks under the plate.

Fungi nail infections are quite challenging to treat due to the difficulty of reaching the fungi embedded underneath the nail.

For many people , nail fungus is simply a cosmetic issue. If  not treated it can lead to permanent damage to the nails.

Now there is an effective nail fungus treatment recommended by many podiatrists and dermatologists. Our  Gentle max pro laser machine with Nd_Yag laser has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective systems available for curing nail fungus.Most patients require 1 to 4 sessions to completely treated.