They are hypodermic needles preloaded with an absorbable PDO suture.

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Our “Thread Lift in Thornhill” service utilizes advanced non-surgical PDO sutures made from polydioxanone, a synthetic material safely absorbed by the body. Commonly used in critical cardiothoracic surgeries, these sutures are designed for utmost safety and effectiveness. They dissolve naturally within 4 to 6 months, ensuring a scar-free healing process. This innovative technology guarantees a seamless experience, aligning with our commitment to provide reliable and effective non-surgical cosmetic solutions.



There are two types of procedures with PDO Threads:

  1. Smooth Thread Technique: This method creates a unique mesh-like network beneath the skin, resembling a finely woven net. This mesh serves as a foundation for new collagen production, naturally tightening and fortifying the skin from within. The transformation is gradual, enhancing the skin’s appearance subtly and naturally, without any abrupt changes.
  2. Barbed Thread Technique: For those seeking more immediate and pronounced results, this technique is ideal. The PDO sutures, equipped with tiny barbs, are strategically placed to grasp and elevate sagging tissues under the skin. Similar to the mesh method in application, these threads can be adjusted in one or two directions, instantly altering the skin’s structure for a more youthful look. Like the smooth threads, the skin will generate new collagen around these barbed sutures, ensuring the lifted areas are securely and durably supported.

Both methods promise long-lasting results, harnessing the body’s natural collagen production to rejuvenate and uplift your skin.



What are the downsides of thread lift?2024-04-10T16:16:25+00:00
What are the risks of a thread lift?
  • Anesthesia risks.
  • Difficulty opening your mouth (usually temporary)
  • Extrusion of a thread.
  • Infection.
  • Pain, which could persist.
  • Sensitivity to sun or other bright light.
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Unfavorable result.
How much does a thread lift cost in Canada?2024-04-10T16:15:31+00:00

The average cost of the Thread Lift procedure varies depending on the location and doctors’ experience. The price ranges between $600 and $1500 per thread on average in Canada. To ensure a balanced procedure, clients often need to purchase at least two threads for every treatment.

How long does thread lift last?2024-04-10T16:14:38+00:00

How long does a thread lift last? Results from a thread lift are temporary, lasting from one to three years. Over time, the threads dissolve, and your body absorbs them. If you like your results, you can have another thread lift procedure.

What Can You Expect from a Thread Lift?2024-01-05T00:33:38+00:00

A Thread Lift utilizes PDO threads to impart a physical lifting effect to your skin. These threads are crafted from complex carbohydrates that safely and gradually break down and are naturally eliminated by the body. Consequently, while the treatment delivers long-lasting results, it is not permanent.

Before the procedure, the targeted area is numbed with a potent local anesthetic. Skilled medical practitioners strategically place the threads beneath your skin to achieve the desired lift.


Experience the versatility of PDO Threads, a transformative solution suitable for use across the body. Among the various treatment areas, the neck and jawline stand out as particularly effective and highly sought-after. Traditional methods like botulinum toxin or injectable fillers often find the lower third of the face a challenging area to treat effectively. PDO Threads emerge as an innovative alternative, offering a more efficient and successful approach to rejuvenating and enhancing this delicate and crucial area. Embrace the potential of PDO Threads for refined, impactful results where you need them most.


The initial lift is just the beginning – your skin’s appearance continues to improve over the following six months. While your body naturally and safely breaks down the threads within 15 to 18 months, the remarkable results of the treatment can last for up to three years. Embrace a lasting change that evolves with you, ensuring a consistently refreshed and youthful look over time.


Elegance Cosmetic Clinic offers a unique Thread Lift in Thornhill, a non-surgical treatment designed for facial rejuvenation.

This technique utilizes polydioxanone (PDO) sutures, known for their safety and efficacy. They offer two distinct methods: Smooth Thread for gradual skin firming and collagen production, and Barbed Thread for more immediate lifting of sagging skin. This procedure provides a less invasive alternative to traditional surgeries, with results lasting up to three years. It’s an ideal solution for those seeking a youthful appearance without undergoing extensive surgery.



Sepideh Salimi
Sepideh Salimi
I had several treatments at Elegance Cosmetics and the service has been always superb! The latest treatment I received was Firming. I could see the astonishing results right away. Many thanks to Dr. Foojam Farhangi and Elegance Cosmetics for an amazing experience!
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Ngin Amirian
I had pleasure to visit dr Fozhan, she was so nice and Ofc she knows her job , such nice experience definitely recommend.
zary panahi
zary panahi
Dr.Foojan was very wonderful and proficient in her work! She made sure I was comfortable the entire time & let me know what she was doing prior to doing it. As for my face; wow! I got the Face Lift Facial and my face is so symmetrical now. It's definitely made me feel more confident. I found my go-to salon
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Ola Hallak
This is a great laser clinic. The staff is very friendly and accomedating. I have had 5 sessions so far and the results are amazing. I highly recommend them to everyone. Thanks so much for your great service!
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Azin Sharifi
My hair growthis been very, very minimal since the treatment. I mean, I've tried other places, and I've never seen results this impressive. It's been a game-changer for me! Sending all the good vibes their way! ✨
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Nooshin K
Dr foojan is the best for hair prp , it was a good experience, my hair volume has changed. Highly recommended
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Ala Abuhejleh
The clinic is very tidy, clean and classy! The staff are friendly and helpful! Dr. Foojan is wonderful and proficient in her work. She knows well what the client needs. She is just PERFECT! I only trust this clinic to take care of my skin! Overall, thanks for the great work!


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